The Adolescence of Soccer Stats

Valid points raise here - Data is only valuable if you know what to do with it. Just sprouting numbers might make you sound smart but all those stats you see and read about…are they really useful?

I work with data and analytics a lot and you see sometimes vanity metrics which are nice to look at but don’t give you much insights. The challenge is always to identify which are the numbers that matter that really power the reasons behind a particular performance so you can learn from it.

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Am I the only one who thinks a football simulator game where you can be the agent might turn out to be pretty interesting?



  • To be the most powerful wheeler and dealer in football

Stretch goals

  • Represent the most number of top players in the world
  • Represent the no. 1 player in the world
  • Represent a player in every major league
  • Sell a player for 100mil euros.

What do you think?

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Let down by Manchester City players.

Matic popped up with a goal that made him my top player in round 3.

Chambers has been a rock. Him and Vlaar.

Can’t wait for the league to start so I can catch up with my points.

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