Player Focus: Re-signed Matic Growing in Importance at Chelsea

Nemanja Matic is a beast. He’s ever-present in my fantasy league and I think Mr Mourinho feels the same way. According to he’s averaged 7.57 after 5 games this season so far. He’s not as flashy as some of his other teammates but he keeps things ticking in midfield and feeds the likes of Fabregas and Hazard to manage most of the forward marauding.

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I was travelling most of last week so I was unable to post my Round 4 score (25 points which is really poor), and  couldn’t update for Round 5!

Only 35 points this round but at least that’s better than previous round. Will need to make some tweaks before this weekend rolls around!

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The Adolescence of Soccer Stats

Valid points raise here - Data is only valuable if you know what to do with it. Just sprouting numbers might make you sound smart but all those stats you see and read about…are they really useful?

I work with data and analytics a lot and you see sometimes vanity metrics which are nice to look at but don’t give you much insights. The challenge is always to identify which are the numbers that matter that really power the reasons behind a particular performance so you can learn from it.

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